Monitor Your Home With Smart Phone

A home security system is nothing more than sensors that detect what’s going on in and around your home, plus equipment connected to those sensors that lets you monitor them. The main sensors, of course, are motion detectors, cameras and microphones. And the equipment for monitoring these includes computers with monitors.

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It turns out that smart phones have all the electronics used in major security systems — both on the sensor side and the monitoring side. And phones are a lot cheaper than dedicated security systems. Plus, the best monitoring equipment is the one you have access to, and you always have access to your phone.

That’s why it’s a great idea to integrate smart phones into your home security system. And it’s also why small companies are inventing new ways to integrate phones into home security. The least expensive home security systems use smart phones on both the sensor and monitoring sides. This is a great way to continue getting value out of old phones you might otherwise sell, recycle or leave in a box in the garage.

A free iPhone and Android app called Presence can be used for both sensing and monitoring. Use your old phone as the sensor and your current phone as the monitor. The Silicon Valley company that makes Presence, called People Power, has designed the app to be easy for anyone to use. The sensor phone in your home detects motion and sends video of what triggered the alert to the phone you’re carrying.

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  1. Diana says:

    We can monitor our home in our absence also, with the help of security system.